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HY SOLAR Shines Brightly in Lyon!

  • 2024-01-25
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  • On January 23-24, the Open Energies 2024 took place in the romantic city, Lyon. HY SOLAR made the debut at Eurexpo Lyon exhibition center with the HT series module family, attracting the attention of many exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition.

    Make a romantic appointment with Lyon

    Open Energies is the largest and most influential renewable energy and building comprehensive exhibition in France. Lyon, where the exhibition is held, is the third largest city in France, strategically located as the 'European Center', and possesses strong industrial advantages as the 'Manufacturing Capital' of France. Held biennially, each edition of Open Energies captures the attention of numerous global professionals in the new energy industry. In this year's exhibition, more than five hundred exhibitors participated, showcasing advanced technologies and products related to photovoltaic, energy storage, and smart buildings.









    HY SOLAR at Open Energies

    On the first day of the exhibition, the hall was bustling with visitors, and the high-performance HT series module products displayed at HY SOLAR booth attracted many exhibitors to stop and learn more. This opportunity allowed the HY SOLAR brand to further expand the influence in the European region.

    The HT family shines across multi-scenarios

    High power modules impressed all visitors

    HY SOLAR showcased five hot products from the HT module family, including NT10 54-piece and NT11 48-piece modules suitable for residential rooftops, NT10 72-piece and NT10 78-piece modules for commercial and industrial rooftops, and NT12 66-piece modules typically used in large ground-mounted power stations. The output power ranges from 440W to 710W, covering almost all local demands for photovoltaic module products. The HT series NT 12 66-piece module, as a rare 700W+ product at the exhibition, firmly held its position as a prominent exhibit at Open Energies. Attendees at the exhibition, including industry professionals, showed interest, inquiring about the products and expressing recognition for the products of HY SOLAR.


    HY SOALR HT series 66-piece module

    The outstanding performance of the HT series module products is a crucial factor that helped HY SOLAR garner attention at the exhibition. All module products exhibited have efficiencies above 22.5%, with the highest reaching 22.9%. They outperform industry-standard temperature coefficients (-0.29%/℃), boast an extended warranty period (30 years for residential products in terms of product/power warranty; 15 years for other products in terms of product warranty and 30 years for power warranty), excellent low-irradiance performance, and bifaciality. The HT module family possesses ten key product advantages, making it a well-deserved 'quality choice' in the series.


    HY SOALR HT series 48/54-piece module

    Obtained the French ECS Carbon Footprint Certification

    The entire industry chain all contributes to the carbon reduction goal

    As an integrated provider with six major photovoltaic industrial segments, HY SOLAR ensures strict control over the entire industry chain. The photovoltaic raw materials used in the HT series module products are produced by the group's upstream industry. The rigorous control of the entire industry chain gives the modules of HY SOLAR significant advantages in product traceability, quality control, and carbon reduction throughout the entire lifecycle.

    In the upstream products, the complete series of silicon wafer products of HY SOLAR have received French ECS Carbon Footprint Certifications. Also, the certification data ranks among the best globally, highlighting the industry's most significant low-carbon advantages and serving as a crucial contribution to carbon reduction in module products.


    Silicon Wafer Produced by HY SOLAR

    Jointly striving for a zero-carbon future

    For the inaugural mission to France, HY SOLAR is eagerly looking forward to establishing collaborations with more local clients, working together to facilitate the implementation of high-quality photovoltaic projects. The photovoltaic market in France holds immense potential, with an installed capacity reaching 16 GW in 2022, making it the third-largest country in Europe in terms of photovoltaic installed capacity. Moreover, according to the goals set by the local government, France aims to add at least 10GW of additional photovoltaic capacity in the next three years. At that time, photovoltaics will become the leading renewable energy source in the region.


    Solar annual new additions of France(GW)


    As a mature photovoltaic market, France has relatively well-established photovoltaic incentives. Significant photovoltaic potential has been explored across various scenarios, including residential, commercial and industrial rooftops, as well as parking lots. This continuous exploration is expected to unleash considerable growth space for the photovoltaic industry. The relatively abundant land resources make large ground-mounted power stations a key driver of installed capacity growth. According to France's recently updated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), 65% of the country's installed capacity in the coming years will come from large power stations, 25% from commercial and industrial rooftops, and 10% from residential photovoltaic.

    HY SOLAR, as an integrated N-type photovoltaic industry chain provider with extensive manufacturing experience, has the capability to offer all-scenario module products tailored to local needs. With higher quality, product reliability, and competitive technological advantages, HY SOLAR aims to contribute to France's clean energy transformation. Walking alongside light, driving the world towards a greener future.

    Exhibition Preview

    Next month, HY SOLAR will participate in the GENERA 2024 in Spain. 

    See you in Madrid in February!