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HY SOLAR Empowers Madrid with Solar Power, stunning at GENERA

  • 2024-02-08
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  • When the sea breeze brings warmness to Iberian Peninsula, it’s time for a “Grand Meeting of Net-Zero”. From February 6 to 8, the 3rd stop of HY SOLAR “Touring Europe”, GENERA 2024, was held in IFEMA Madrid. HT module family of HY SOLAR was on display, shined brilliantly in the exhibition.

    Meet HY SOLAR in Madrid

    As the largest and most influential exhibition of PV industry in Spain, a country with mega photovoltaic market, GENERA can attract thousands of attendees every year, since it was first held in 2003. People gather together at GENERA to explore and exchange opinions about cutting-edge technologies in the industry, the exhibition hall are always full of extraordinary liveliness. This time HY SOLAR took HT module family to attend GENERA. With their excellent performance, HT modules attracted many exhibitors.

    GENERA 2024

    During the exhibition, a stunning “show” of various module products was took place in HY SOLAR booth. Different sized PV cells of 182*182, 210*210 and 210*182 with new generation N-TOPCon technology are applied in HT modules. They have superiorities includes high efficiency, high bifaciality, low temperature coefficient, good low-irradiance performance and high reliability. Apart from that, HT module products have diverse types. The 5 popular products on display at GENERA are NT10 54pcs, NT11 48pcs, NT10 72pcs, NT10 78pcs and NT12 66pcs. They can handle almost all PV applications, involving commercial and industrial, residential and utility scenarios. Their efficiency and output can reach 22.9% and 710W respectively, offering multi choices of high quality to local users.

    HY SOLAR at GENERA 2024

    Light up the “Hot Land” of PV

    Because of the rich solar and land resources locally, as well as the stimulating policies, Spain is a key player of photovoltaic in Europe. With around 30GW accumulated PV installed capacity, Spain ranked second in Europe, is next only to Germany. Moreover, it has not only strong market foundation but also very optimistic outlook. According to the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan updated by MITECO in 2023, the PV installed capacity of Spain is expected to reach 76GW, which means in the following years Spain will keep around 7GW annual new additions. A broad development prospect can be seen there.

    HY SOLAR team in Europe

    The global strategic layout of HY SOLAR is being established, and HT modules and service is getting to influence more and more nations and regions. Based on the plan of “Touring Europe” by HY SOLAR, we attended InterSolution in Belgium, Open Energies in France and GENERA in Spain in 2024 Q1, to investigate the European photovoltaic market deeply, and fully demonstrate the advantages of HY products to local customers to establish connections. Before that, we had already made sufficient preparations to enter the European market. In the last year, we have got French ECS Carbon Footprint Certification, UK MCS/UKCA Certifications and WEEE Certification, etc. also achieved cooperation on several PV projects in Italy and Czech.

    In the future, HY SOLAR will continue to expand our global business. We will polish our industrial chain and our products, as well as service, to win the recognition from more global clients, to drive the world forward in a “low-carbon” manner.