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HT Modules Received French ECS Carbon Footprint Certification!

  • 2024-02-22
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  • Recently, HT series high-efficiency modules of HY SOLAR have successfully passed the ECS (Evaluation carbone simplifiée) carbon footprint certification issued by Certisolis, a French authority. Obtaining the certification is undoubtedly a powerful boost to expanding the influence of HT series modules in the European market, and is of great significance to the realization of HY SOLAR global strategic layout.

    In the context of global carbon reduction, "Carbon Footprint" has been introduced as a quantitative term for the calculation of greenhouse gas or carbon dioxide emissions produced during a product's life cycle. As a forerunner in carbon footprint regulation, France has been implementing the ECS-Evaluation Carbone Simplifiée (ECS), a dedicated program for the carbon footprint assessment of PV modules, for many years. According to the requirements of the French Commission de la Régulation du Réglementation Energétique (CRE), all PV projects over 100kW in France are now required to undergo a mandatory ECS evaluation process and have their carbon footprint values reported by a professional certification body. This means that the ECS Carbon Footprint Certification represents the qualification for access to the French market.


    ECS carbon footprint certification

    This time, three types of modules produced by HY has passed the ECS carbon footprint certification, namely 72, 78 and 54 pieces of HT series bifacial module family, which are suitable for industrial and commercial, large power station and household use scenario. These types of PV modules are very popular among local customers. During the certification process, Certisolis conducted a rigorous audit on the carbon footprint value of HT modules in the life cycle of the inspected products in terms of raw material manufacturing, production process, module production, transportation energy consumption and other dimensions, and the HT modules successfully passed the certification with an excellent numerical performance to meet the high standard requirements of the carbon emission regulation in French.

    The excellent "emission reduction" performance of HY products is not only due to the "green manufacturing" empowered by the intelligent production management system of HY production line, but also the reflection of the Group's six major photovoltaic industry segments that are vertically integrated in depth. The entire range of silicon wafers produced by HY SOLAR has also already been certified by the French ECS Carbon Footprint Certification, and the relevant certification data ranks among the world's top. In recent years, HY has opened up the upstream and downstream of the photovoltaic industry, building a whole photovoltaic industry chain of equipment, silicon materials, silicon wafers, N-type cells, N-type high-efficiency modules, and new energy power stations, realizing the traceability of raw materials and the control of carbon emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of the products, and making the production process of the "green products" cleaner.


    HY SOLAR HT series modules

    The fact that HY's module products have obtained the French ECS carbon footprint certification is a recognition of HY's industry-leading green manufacturing power, and a strong impetus for HY to improve its globalization layout. In the future, HY will anchor on the goal of "dual-carbon", continue to plough into product technology research and development, firmly practice the concept of green development, effectively fulfill the green low-carbon social responsibility, and deliver more extreme clean energy to customers around the world.