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HY SOLAR HT Modules Highly Praised by Clients in Italy!

  • 2023-12-04
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  • Reaching new heights in the overseas business, HY SOLAR has established a close partnership with the Italian EPC company——Luminae. 1.5MW of the HT series high-efficiency PV modules have been shipped to Rieti into the local distributed photovoltaic market. HY SOLAR have garnered high praise from customers due to the high quality products and comprehensive sales service.


    As one of Europe's significant photovoltaic markets, Italy maintains a stable demand for solar power. According to BloombergNEF, the newly added solar installation scale is predicted to reach 4.43GW in 2023 and 4.2GW in 2024. Residential and commercial PV projects is a massive driving force for solar energy development in Italy. The Italian National Energy Agency also revealed that in the first three quarters of 2023, over 3.51 GW of new solar installations were deployed. By the end of September, the national cumulative installed photovoltaic scale reached 28.57 GW. The PV industry saw a great development in this year.



    Located in the Region Lazio in central Italy, Rieti enjoys abundant sunshine throughout the year, providing excellent conditions for photovoltaic power generation. Depends on the local condition, Italian customers chosen the HT 182 series 60/72 pcs modules of HY SOLAR, which are efficient and suitable for commercial and residential PV projects. HT series modules focus on N-type TOPCon technology, employing SMBB & half-cell tech, non-destructive cutting, high density cells encapsulating, and possess various advantageous characteristics such as high efficiency, high bifaciality, low degradation, low temperature coefficient, and excellent performance in low irradiance conditions. Simultaneously, HT modules also can offer a 30-year power output warranty, ensuring customers stable long-term return.


    The CEO of Luminae expressed high praise for the quality of HY SOLAR modules and the technical support services, expressing a desire for both entities to become long-term strategic partners in the Italian market. Being a crucial part of HY SOLAR's strategic layout, Europe will continue to be a focal point for HY SOLAR. We aim to persist in expanding our efforts, empowering the European region to achieve higher returns on green electricity through high-performance products and top-notch services. This endeavor will drive the low-carbon transformation of energy, promoting a shift towards sustainable sources.