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HY SOLAR & ECOPOWER join hands to open up Africa market

  • 2023-12-12
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  • Recently, the HY SOLAR Dubai branch has officially signed a memorandum of understanding with ECOPOWER. In the future, both parties will collaborate in the East African region, focusing on the application of PV solar in industrial and commercial applications, to deploy synergistic cooperation with innovative renewable energy solutions, empowering the region towards a zero-carbon, green future.




    The signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both parties took place recently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nasir Khan, the HY SOLAR General Manager MEA stated: "This marks a pivotal step for HY SOLAR in fulfilling its mission to provide sustainable solar energy solutions to the East African market. This strategic partnership signifies HY SOLAR’s commitment to ushering in a new era of green energy alongside our partners in the East African region. Our collaboration with ECOPOWER aims to unlock the immense potential of solar energy resources in local communities and industrial settings, working together to enhance energy reliability."

    HY SOLAR has consistently kept a close eye on the vast potential of the renewable energy market in Africa. The African region boasts some of the world's top solar irradiation resources. Coupled with its substantial population, this has resulted in significant electricity demand, making solar photovoltaic power generation the preferred solution for addressing energy needs in the region.


    Horizontal irradiance in the Middle East and Africa

    The focus of HY SOLAR and its partners in this collaboration lies in the photovoltaic applications within industrial and commercial settings, which exhibit a strong demand in the local market. This is primarily due to the significant cost-saving potential for customers when using solar power generation compared to traditional energy sources, resulting in higher economic benefits. Consequently, more and more local businesses are proactively opting to install PV systems. According to forecasts by BloombergNEF, in the coming years, industrial and commercial PV projects will become the primary driving force behind the increase in photovoltaic installations in Africa (excluding North Africa). The region's additional installed PV capacity is also projected to surpass 10GW by 2030, demonstrating a robust growth trajectory. In the future, HY SOLAR, alongside its partners, aims to integrate more affordable clean energy into the daily lives of local populations, improving the local energy infrastructure and bringing greater convenience to people's lives.


    The solar annual new additions in Africa(GW) 

    (excluding North Africa) 


    Up to now, HY SOLAR has established dozens of overseas branches and offices, covering regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, and Africa. This has formed a marketing network to serve customers worldwide. Simultaneously, we actively engage with various local stakeholders, initiate partnerships, and bring the high-quality module products of HY SOLAR to every corner of the world, fostering a sustainable and green future.