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HY SOLAR Unveils New HT Module Product at InterSolution!

  • 2024-01-18
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  • On January 17, local time, InterSolution 2024 kicked off at the Flanders Expo in Ghent, Belgium. As the most influential energy exhibition locally, it showcases the latest solar photovoltaic, inverter, and battery-related products and technologies, attracting professionals and enthusiasts from the energy industry. HY SOLAR is participating in this year’s exhibition with the HT series high-energy module products presented, drawing the attention of many attendees.

    The HT family welcomed a new member, To lead the new era of residential solar modules

    With the continuous development of the photovoltaic industry and the increasing popularity of carbon reduction concepts, the application of household photovoltaic is increasingly widespread in Europe and even across the world. Products that are both "aesthetic" and have "high power generation" have become increasingly sought after by users in recent years.






    HY SOLAR, attentive to user needs, introduced the HT series 48pcs TOPCon all-black module for the first time at this exhibition. The product is crafted using 210*182mm rectangular cells to achieve the module "golden size" of 1762mm, with a maximum output power of up to 450W. It aims to create leading products below 2㎡ for residential application, dedicated to providing customers with more cost-effective green energy solutions with lighter and thinner products. The two residential photovoltaic modules showcased by HY SOLAR in this exhibition both come with a 30-year product&power warranty, combining aesthetics, reliability, and high power generation performance to offer customers superior residential solutions.


    HY SOLAR HT series 54pcs & 48pcs modules

    Star Products for Industrial and Commercial application Continuously Attract Attention

    As the global energy revolution accelerates, industrial and commercial PV application have become the most powerful driving force behind the recent growth in photovoltaic installations in Europe. In this exhibition, HY SOLAR showcased three different-sized module products suitable for industrial and commercial scenarios: NT10 72, NT10 78, and NT12 66 models. These three products use mainstream cell sizes of 182 or 210mm, with power ranges covering 565-710W. The highest efficiency can reach 22.9%, providing diverse module types with high energy generation to precisely meet market demands and offer customers more choices.


    HY SOLAR HT series 66pcs & 78pcs modules

    It is worth mentioning that HY SOLAR's HT series products exhibit excellent power generation performance. With a temperature coefficient of 0.29%/℃, these modules can maintain stable power generation even in high-temperature environments. Low degradation and outstanding low-irradiance performance ensure higher energy generation throughout the product's life cycle, minimizing investment costs for the power station. With superior design and lower LCOE, HY SOLAR aims to provide optimal solutions for photovoltaic in industrial and commercial scenarios.

    N-type Zero-Carbon Industry Chain Integrator Illuminating the Global Map

    From equipment manufacturing to silicon material, and further to monocrystalline silicon pulling, slicing, and PV cell, the manufacturing of HY SOLAR high-quality N-type modules is safeguarded by our strong upstream foundation of N-type photovoltaic industry. Today, our products can fully meet the needs of various scenarios, including residential, industrial and commercial, and large-scale power plants.

    Under the macro trend of global carbon neutrality, we rooted in the local strength has set our sights on the world, and our globalization strategy is starting to show the edge. The "HT series" modules have been widely shipped to Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and other areas. Simultaneously, overseas branches covering the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa have been successively established. In the future, HY SOLAR will collaborate with more global partners in order to drive the world's green energy revolution.


    Today, the InterSolution2024 will continue. In the following month, HY SOLAR will also participate in the Open Energies exhibition in France and the GENERA Energy exhibition in Spain. Let’s meet in Lyon/Madrid!