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New Year, new beginning! HY SOLAR won Double Awards!

  • 2024-01-15
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  • On January 11th, the "Guangneng Cup" New Year Sharing Meeting and the 11th Photovoltaic Industry Awards Ceremony, co-sponsored by www.solarbe.com and jointly organized by es.solarbe.com, h2. solarbe.com, and Solarbe Consulting, was held in Suzhou. HY SOLAR successfully clinched the Double Awards of “2023 Most Influential Photovoltaic Raw Material Enterprise” and “2023 Most Influential Photovoltaic Module Enterprise”.




    Event scene

    The "Guangneng Cup" inaugural ceremony was officially launched in 2012. After more than a decade of accumulation and development, it has now become a highly authoritative and influential selection in the photovoltaic industry. HY SOLAR, with the strength in the N-type net-zero industrial integration, outstanding innovation capabilities, and excellent product delivery capabilities, stood out among many enterprises, and was honored with the "2023 Most Influential Photovoltaic Raw Material Enterprise" and "2023 Most Influential Photovoltaic Module Enterprise" awards, fully recognizing HY SOLAR's outstanding achievements in the field of photovoltaics over the years.



    Winning awards

    HY SOLAR has been deeply involved in the photovoltaic industry for over 20 years, actively practicing and promoting global green energy transformation. We have formed six major business segments, including high-end equipment, metallurgical silicon and crystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon wafers, N-type PV cells, N-type PV modules, and new energy power stations. This structure establishes a vertically integrated N-type zero-carbon photovoltaic industry ecosystem. On the raw material side, HY SOLAR plans to have a production capacity of 150,000 tons of high-purity metallurgical silicon, 100,000 tons of polycrystalline silicon, 75 GW of silicon wafers, and 45 GW of N-type high-efficiency solar cells. With a mature production process, HY SOLAR has secured a scaled production capacity in the upstream industry. In 2022, HY SOLAR's global shipments of silicon wafers reached 31.18 GW, showing a year-on-year growth of 79.09%, and ranking among the top three globally. HY SOLAR's N-type TOPCon high-efficiency solar cells achieved a production efficiency of 26.2%, surpassing the industry average.



    Leveraging self-developed and self-produced efficient silicon wafers and solar cells, HY SOLAR module continually achieves technological breakthroughs. In 2023, HY SOLAR unveiled the HT series module brand, focusing on N-type TOPCon technology. The aim is to create photovoltaic module products that integrate high efficiency, high power, and high reliability. The module power ranges from 400W to 710W, employing advanced SMBB & half-cell technology, non-destructive cutting technology, and high density cells encapsulating technology. The module efficiency exceeds 23%, and it also exhibits excellent performance with a first-year degradation of 1%, a temperature coefficient of -0.29%/℃, and a high bifaciality of 85%. These features make it suitable for various applications, including residential rooftops, commercial and industrial sectors, and centralized large-scale solar power stations. Additionally, HY SOLAR actively develops HJT, BC (Back Contact), perovskite, and other technologies, laying the foundation for the sustainable development of new technologies and products. As of now, HY SOLAR's module business footprint has expanded to many countries, including China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Pakistan, etc.


    HY SOLAR HT series modules

    Behind the achievement of the double awards, it is inseparable from the simultaneous progress of HY SOLAR's entire photovoltaic industry chain and the collaborative efforts of research and development, manufacturing, and marketing. In the future, HY SOLAR will continue to deepen its presence in the photovoltaic field, bringing efficient green energy products to customers through research and development innovation. We aim to drive global green energy transformation and contribute our own energy to the dual carbon goals.