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Strategic Cooperation Contract Signed with Partner in Czech!

  • 2023-12-26
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  • Recently, HY SOLAR signed a strategic cooperation agreement of 40 MW with a Czech EPC company. This batch of modules will be deployed in the Czech distributed market, injecting “Green Momentum” into the local area with the high-reliability, high-power, and high-efficiency module products of HY SOLAR, thus contributing to the energy transformation of the Czech Republic.

    Located in central Europe, the Czech Republic experiences distinct seasons and possesses excellent solar resources. In 2023, the Czech government enacted the "New Energy Law," encouraging people to install energy devices and allowing them to share or sell energy. The Czech government plans to build new photovoltaic installations on at least 100 thousand rooftops by 2025. These measures will further stimulate the demand for small-scale, widely distributed, and flexible user applications of renewable energy sources like solar power, promoting the establishment of a new energy supply model in the Czech Republic and propelling the photovoltaic market of Czech Republic into a period of rapid growth.


    The EPC company involved in this collaboration has over 10 years of extensive experience in large-scale solar energy project construction in the Czech Republic, making them an expert in the field of renewable energy. Leveraging the more than 20 years of dedicated experience of HY SOLAR in the photovoltaic sector, particularly in the interconnected advantages in silicon materials, wafers, cells, modules, and power stations, the company has expressed ample confidence in the product research, development, and delivery of HY SOLAR. They hope to strengthen cooperation in order to jointly explore markets in Central and Southeastern Europe. Currently, HY SOLAR has shipped 1MW of high-efficiency module products for installation on farm rooftops in Bohemia, Czech Republic. 

    HY SOLAR HT modules cover various scenarios for residential and commercial rooftops, offering efficient solutions. The 54pcs full-black bifacial modules with a power output of up to 440 W, backed by a 30-year power warranty, perfectly suited for residential rooftop installations. For commercial and industrial rooftops, HY SOLAR also offers outstanding products. The 182-cell bifacial 72pcs modules can reach a power output of 585W, demonstrating excellent performance among similar module types. HY SOLAR employs SMBB&half-cut cell technology with non-destructive cutting, enhancing module reliability. With a low temperature coefficient of -0.29%/°C and high efficiency, the modules increase the system power generation throughout its lifespan while reducing the LCOE, ensuring long-term benefits for customers. 


    HY SOLAR HT Module Family

    The vigorous development of green and clean energy has become a common consensus across society to address climate change and achieve green sustainable development. In the future, HY SOLAR will continue to focus on technological innovation, offering more efficient N-type photovoltaic products, practicing the concept of sustainable development. HY SOLAR aims to be a practitioner of the “Dual Carbon” goal and energy revolution, making a greater contribution to the global energy transition and development.